Happy husband, proud father, passionate realtor, firefighter, sailor, Aikidoist, traveler, photographer, foodie.

My love of travel and Japan started with a book my mom gave me called ‘The Book of the Samurai’ when I was 12.  Stories of Samurai, Ninja, Castles and battles throughout the Sengkoku Jidai (c.1467 – c. 1600) set the stage for visiting, traveling, and ultimately living in Japan when I was older.

Hokkaido 1996
Hokkaido in 1996

My first trip to Japan was in 1988—a year out of high school—it changed my life.  Japan was new, exciting, the culture and food were intoxicating. Studying Japanese at the University of Victoria, practicing Judo and Aikido, further set the hook and I ended up living in Japan—by the time I was 32, I had been in Japan for over 10 years—I still can’t believe it was 10 years– it was like a blur.  I had been a teacher, swimming coach, international program coordinator, photographer, husband, father…

David Lowes

Upon returning to Canada in September of 2001, there were bills, mortgages, school trips, kid’s sports (did I mention the bills 😊)—life got in the way of travelling and Japan making way for great moments with Yasuko, Sara and Kei.

Next thing I know… I am 49 and the travel bug, love of Japan and Asia is still there—prompting my trip (and this blog) to Taiwan and Japan in September of 2018 with my son Kei.

Here is the book that started it all…  would you believe I still have it?